The School


The nine candle candelabrum, the Hanukiah, is a symbol of enlightenment. This candelabrum is used on the festival of Hanukkah and has come to represent the characteristics of determination, courage and tenacity associated with the heroic figure of Judah of Maccabee


Carmel strives to provide an internationally acceptable, all-round education in a co-educational, multi-cultural and stress-free environment. The aim is to prepare children for entry to ATS and other High Schools of choice.


Carmel works to:

  • maintain the highest academic standards
  • retain the Jewish traditions and character of the school
  • have an integrated, harmonious, family-like working climate
  • have committed and happy staff
  • have happy pupils and satisfied parents
  • provide the best all-round education possible

A good all-round education is based on fullfillment of potential in six areas of development, namely: Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Cultural, Emotional, and Social. These are catered for in the school curriculum.


The curriculum is based upon Zimbabwe Ministry of Education and other relevant syllabuses. Subjects taught include English, Isindebele, Music, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Social Studies, Moral and Religious Education, Physical Education, Computers and Art.

The school also runs a remedial program to help children with temporary learning difficulties or short-term educational needs.