Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)Club

Each and every student approach to STEM subjects is different. While some love these subjects, others fear it. The purpose of the STEM club is to offer all students opportunities to engage in fun activities that generate a love for these subjects and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. STEM club provides students experiences that simply cannot be replicated in a classroom. The activities are carefully chosen with the guidance of experts in the field to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s innovators.

Typical activities include kids science experiments, computer programs, building, and fun math activities.

Arts and Crafts Club

“Arts and crafts develop such skills as observation, visual thinking, the ability to recognize and form patterns, and manipulative ability. They develop habits of thought and action that include practicing, persevering, and trial-and-error problem solving. And they provide novel structures, methods, and analogies that can stimulate scientific innovation. For all these reasons, finding ways to foster arts education alongside science education and, even better, finding ways to integrate the two must be a high priority for any school.”

Robert Root-Bernstein and Michele Root-Bernstein

Carmel Arts and Crafts club is intended to provide these development opportunities that cannot be met during regular class hours. Students participate a variety of activities that includes drawing, painting, molding, building etc.

Sports Club

Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health. Through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn about the importance of key values such as honesty, teamwork, fair play, respect for themselves and others, and adherence to rules. It also provides a forum for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing. These learning aspects highlight the impact of physical education and sport on a child’s social and moral development in addition to physical skills and abilities. Physical education and sport also build health activity habits that encourage life-long participation in physical activity.

Carmel Sports club offers opportunities for students to practice and participate in a variety of activities such as running, relay, long jump, high jump, badminton, volleyball and basketball.

Nature Club

The nature club goals are to promote interest and knowledge about nature and the environment, to increase awareness of the economic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values of fauna and flora and to provide opportunities to acquire attitudes, values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment.

Nature club members have a lot of fun while participating in trekking, hiking, photography, and camping.